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15/30 NPF Allanson FPX Uni-Trans 120v 1530FPX120

  • $179.80

This is a self contained Allanson Lighting Electrics 15000v transformer. 

Transformer specification

Secondary Voltage: 15,000
Milliamp / Primary Voltage: 30ma NPF 120 Volt

Transformer phase : Single

Transformer sizing : Details are listed on the attached images.

This is an outdoor self enclosed neon transformer with easy to us pre wiring install instructions. This transformer has transformer box built on and a switch on the side. Ground secondary fault protection GFI which helps protect against shortages. It has three auto resets which helps reduce the irritation of tripping. A 29-minute by-pass switch, which enables efficient fault detection, in the same manner that you were accustomed to work with the old UL506 transformers.

This is a great neon transformer for outdoor or indoor neon use.

The transformer wiring is very simple, a wiring diagram can be provided upon request and you can also find out more about wiring neon on our sign talk page. The transformer connections should be carefully made using the proper jumps and electrical components.

A transformer calculator can be found on our sign talk page or contact costumer service to find out more about how much neon this transformer can run. The transformer calculations are based on the linear footage of a neon sign, the size of the tubing, and what gas is in the tube.

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