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Neon Transformer w/ Dimmer

Neon Transformer w/ Dimmer

  • $98.00

This is a CPI 10kV electronic neon transformer with a built in dimmer knob. This transformer is for indoor use only. Great for controlling the brightness of the neon sign. 

Input: 120VAC 50/60Hz 1.2A

Output: 10kV 35mA

The transformer efficiency on this model neon transformer is very good. 10000 volts and self adjusting.

Transformer phase : Single

Transformer sizing : Upon request

The transformer wiring is very simple, a wiring diagram can be provided upon request and you can also find out more about wiring neon on our sign talk page. The transformer connections should be carefully made using the proper jumps and electrical components which can be located on our online catalog.

 A transformer calculator can be found on our sign talk page or contact costumer service to find out more about how much neon this transformer can run. The transformer calculations are based on the linear footage of a neon sign, the size of the tubing, and what gas is in the tube.

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