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Custom Foam Sign Letters

  • $19.80

This price generated is per letter. Update the quantity to reflect the amount of letters in your sign. For the word ‘SHOP’ you would need a quantity of four of this product.

Custom foam letters can be a variety of thickness and sizes. The above options list allows you to choose between 1/2", 1", or 2" thick foam. The options also allow you to choose the finish. If you choose no finish there will be straight routed foam without any other material mounted on the front of the sign. Having no finish on a foam letter is not recommended because foam is very porous and this becomes more noticeable when it is on the front of the letter.

By default the foam letters will come unpainted unless a paint finish is specified. An unfinished foam letter will either be pink, white, or black. Some foam colors may not be available in certain thickness.

Different surface finishes on the foam can also be selected. Foam with brushed aluminum or Foam with acrylic are the most popular foam products.

Once you have made all of your selections from the options above you will need to count the letters in your sign and change the quantity to that number in order for the proper price to be reflected in your shopping cart.

For example: If you want to spell out the word ‘SHOP’ you will need to change the quantity to four since there is four letters.

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