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Custom Cut Aluminum Sign Faces

Custom Cut Aluminum Sign Faces

  • $9.30

These are custom cut aluminum sign faces which you can select the thickness of the material. These aluminum panels are flat routed. You can choose any type of lettering or copy to be routed out and cut out of the aluminum panel. The panels also don't necessarily need to be square. They can be any shape of your design. The only limitations there are is the thickness of the area that needs to be cut should be about 1/2" giving enough space for the machine to properly cut out the sign. 

Just simply choose all the options you would like to have for this routed sign panel and upload your file. You can submit a vector file EPS, Core version 10 or less, or an Adobe Illustrator file. If you don't have access to one of these file types call customer service to discruss your options for file submission. 

The overall panel size can't exceed a 4'x12' sheet. If you are trying to create a logo which is 5'x5' that would be over the 4' wide size restriction for this product. You can contact customer service for special pricing on oversize items. A 12'x1' (12 sq ft) sign face is an okay size since it doesn't exceed the overall sheet size. 

These sign faces have no sides or returns. 

You can also add acrylic push through letters by purchasing our custom acrylic sign letters along with this product and make a note on the checkout page that you would like these letters converted to push through. For push through copy we will partially rout out the letters leaving an edging around the letter so you can glue them in place with ease. 

You can also purchase completed logo boxes with push through and routed out faces here.

Contact customer service if you need a more customized product. Our typical custom quote lead time is one day. 

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