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About us

          ALN Signs is an award winning wholesale sign company producing custom and mass produced signs right here in the United States. We are proud to bring our customers quality products and services. We offer LED displays, channel letters, neon signs, monument signs, expedited shipping, and much more. For more information call 1-800-373-1549. 


          In 1946 the company Alert-Lite Neon Co began making walk and don't walk neon signs for the city. Making signs that alerted the pedestrians was originally it's source of primary business.

Once neon began to become more popular for advertising signs Alert-Lite Neon Co began manufacturing a variety of illuminated signs and components. In 1977 the company Alert-Lite Neon Co became incorporated and then latter formed the DBA ALN Signs. ALN Signs holds the long history that the company has in quality sign manufacturing but lets our customers known that we manufacture a variety of different products and services. 

Even our logo is a nostalgic reminder of the long history of American Sign manufacturing. The hand drawn neon bender bending the word 'signs' was the original logo drawn on paper by a professional artist in the 1950's for our company.

ALN Signs is still one of the largest wholesale sign manufacturing companies in the United States. We pride ourselves on manufacturing quality products and services. 

Now offering more LED displays and products then ever before. We can provide you with anything from LED rope light to LED and LCD displays. All of our face lit channel letters come standard with LED illumination although neon is still available in any size shape and color. We provide a variety of options for any look you want to achieve in your sign.